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    Correct way to add vRLI as REST host to Orchestrator?

    Czernobog Hot Shot

      I want to add vRLI as a REST host to my Orchestrator instance. I'm using the url https://vrli.local:9543/ with basic authentication, where I input the admin credentails. Adding the host works fine, however no API reqest are successful. I've tested it with the following path: /api/v1/events, the response comes back as "undefined".

      I've tried it with curl from the vRO appliance, but the result is empty:

      vro.local:~ # curl -k -X GET https://vrli.local:9543/api/v1/events

      vro.local:~ # curl -k -X GET http://vrli.local:9000/api/v1/events

      Thank you for any suggestions.