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    Linked Clone Provisioning Error

    GFONTANA2018 Lurker

      Hi All.


      I have a Vmware Horizon VDI Infraestructure. On 5.3 Version.


      Hypervisors: Vsphere 5.5 over two host´s, with shared storage SAN. We have vcenter but not HA or DRS configuration.


      I´m deploying Windows 7 Linked Clones. When I select vsphere host 1, the deploying is satisfactory, no problems.


      But when I select vsphere host 2, after proccess of cloning finish and the VM linked clone boots, I get this error:


      Lindked Clone Error.PNG


      I do Master VM and snapshots validations satisfactorily. I set correct DNS over Master VM. We change registry key for skip licensing activation.  What am I missing?