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    help finding log on errors in logs

    dkurz8814 Novice

      I was logged into the web client using my normal credentials. I had opened a vm and was accessing it via the remote console app. I was using firefox on my Mac.  I left my desk for a while and the remote console timed out. The message on the screen said something about the HTTP logon. I again used the credentials I use but I could not get on. I tried two machines, two browsers-none worked. I then went to the physical host and tried to log in and that worked fine. I restarted the management network and that did not work either. I even tried to reset the password. I then rebooted the entire host and only then was





      The only way I was able to finally log on was to reset the root logon password (which is what I use) and reboot the physical host.


      I was trying to look through the logs but I either A) do not know what log to look for  B) do not know what I am looking for or C) the info was erased when I rebooted the host.



      I am new to vmware/esxi so I would like to at least attempt to understand how it happened and why.