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    Can vSphere Web Client use only IP?

    nightwind209 Lurker



      I am newbie in vSphere.

      I have a big problem at management vmware vSphere.

      This my network topology.


      I always use remote-PC to management vCenter.

      The DNS2 is for PCs to internet connects.

      The vCenter server is a group.


      I can use vmware vsphere client(windows) in remote-PC connect management it. It work fine.

      But I can't use vSphere Web Client management it.

      The url always show the domain and error




      1. I fill in URL

      I can see the vsphere web page.


      2.I click login vSphere Web Client.

      the url is

      it ok. continue


      3.There have error.

      The url show https://vm01.school.local/websso/saml2/ssossl?RelyingPartyEntityId=XXXXXX and can't find page


      4.try edit url to jump flash UI and the source is vm01.school.local again.


      I know it is dns problem.

      But i can't config the DNS2 for school.local


      The vsphere web client page work fine in itself.


      Does the vCenter have any config can solve my problem?

      Always use IP in web client?


      Thank you for your patient.