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    get-pool not recognized as a name of a cmdlet

    JMichel974 Novice

      Hi Team,


      Here my conf :

      - VMware PowerCLI 6.5 Release 1 build 4624819

      - VMware vCenter Server Version 5.5.0

      - ESX Version 5.5U3 (3029944)


      I want to make a script with PowerCLI modifying the power policy for desktop pools into "Power Off" for all my pools.


      But the command 'Get-Pool' doesn't work.


      I did this so far :


      Install Advanced Functions

      - Go to the GitHub repository page at  https://github.com/vmware/PowerCLI-Example-Scripts.

      - Click the green Clone or download button and then click Download ZIP.Advanced Functions Download

      - Extract the zip file and copy the advanced functions Hv.Helper folder to a modules directory.

      - Check your PowerShell $env:PSModulePath variable to see which directories are in use:

      - Unblock the advanced functions to allow them to be executed.

      dir ‘C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\VMware.HvHelper\’ | Unblock-File


      I heard in the new versions of PowerCLI the command 'Get-Pool' doesn't exist anymore, is that true ?


      Thanks in advance for your help.


      Best regards,


      M. JOSEPH

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