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    Login Speeds

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      I understand that this subject has been beating pretty hard but just had a question or two about it.  I tried most, if not all the proposed fixes for this issue but still seem to come up short.  Here is the question i have concerning this...What can cause LONGER login times to the View session compared to logging into the master image other than the View agent??? 


      Login time to desktop on the Master Image - 15 seconds


      Login time to desktop on the View snapshot - 68 seconds


      Running View 7.4 with 7.4 agent on ESXi 6.5 hosts all running on Nimble storage.  AppVol is in the picture but no volumes assigned.


      Any Idea or assist with this would be awesome!!  Thanks



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          Your setup sounds just like mine, your using Windows 10 correct? Do you have logon monitor enabled, if so can you share one of the log files in %programdata%\vmware\vmware logon monitor\logs folder on the view desktop. IF you have just the view agent and nothing else I'd guess it some sort of group policy. I made sure our enviornment that the userprofile loopback processing is set to replace. That the last thing that save me a ton time during logon, since we had a bunch of user based policies that didn't really make since for a virtual desktop. Logging into a complete non persistent Win 10 1703 desktop with UEM and appvolumes I'm getting around 39 seconds, with a  profile that has every folder redirect including appdata. I could get that shorter but we had a kickstart logon script for most users that advertises our helpdesk and also maps drives that takes about 5-10 seconds of that time frame. I'd focus on the logon monitor logs first, and also try using something like autoruns


          Autoruns for Windows - Windows Sysinternals | Microsoft Docs


          on your master and check the logon section. See if there is anything you recognize that you can turn off. I use the vmware os optimizer fling to optimize the os, but I found that it leaves a few things I think can be removed. This is also a good idea if you place things like adobe flash and java on the parent image, you can use this to make sure that the auto updaters aren't running. I usually use this and msconfig to make sure only necessary items are starting up.


          Hope this helps, I know I had a tough time going from 60-90 seconds to almost 30 on average now.

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            Thanks for the reply.  Yes, I am using Windows 10.  The only other agent i have is APPVOL but like i mentioned there are no volumes or appstacks getting mounted.  As for the group policies, there are NONE.  I currently have this in an OU that has everything blocked.  There may be a small login script but that should run during the master login as well.  That is the odd thing about this.  Both the Master and View desktops are in the same OU.  One has 15 sec login and the other over a minute.  The log file is attached.  For the record that time it says in the log is way off.  Missing about 15 to 20 seconds somewhere.  I clock it from the time i click the OK prompt to the time i see the desktop and well over a minute

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              Are you sure there aren't any GPOs in a higher OU or something. Looking at that log looks like a gpo is being processed. We had someone place an gpo on the ou above where I place the vdi ad objects. I have only one GPO



              and its only computer based settings. If you have nothing at all try, placing a gpo with the replace, from the log you have at least 4 seconds of user based gpos going on. The shell load time is kinda long, for me its the logon script thats attached to my account. That runs a script that brings up welcome window basically and maps some network drive. I've tested it without that script and I usually save another 4-5 seconds on shell load time. I'll include an example, if you look at this one I have no user policy time and alot less processing group policy messages. The loop back mode replace gpo basically strips out any user based gpos from above. I just need to manually apply those changes to the master to make sure they do get applied.


              Let me know if this helps.

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                Well i had one GPO in the OU but it was disabled so it shouldn't run.  Other that that one i had blocked inheritance to all other OU's above it.  So then i totally removed the GPO that was disabled then tried again and now login time is up to 49 seconds compared to the last log.  Now remember that there is some time missing from that login time. So now my login speed is over 68 seconds at this point.  Right now i will try anything else to help shave off an additional 5 seconds but can't seem to find anything.  Thoughts??

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                  Look at the new log monitor logs, whats the highest value there? The last one was shell load time. I got this from flings site


                  "This is the time it takes for the Window shell to load, i.e. Explorer. Shell load time starts when we receive a notification from Windows shell load is starting. It ends when the taskbar window is created."


                  I think the proper thing to do is enable secondary logons, logon as another user run procmon or try xperf(this is harder, instructions are in the link)




                  start the monitor , then logon normally and see what happens. I've done the xpref before, its very technical, but it does give you a good graph and information to start with. Here is an image of an output(Slow Boot Slow Logon (SBSL), A Tool Called XPerf and Links You Need To Read | Ask Premier Field Engineering (PFE) Plat… )


                  Image result for xperf logon performance




                  Thats the best suggestion I have, hopefully someone familiar with the process more can suggest something better.

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                    looks like the images got stripped, I got them from the linked articles. Hopefully has a more targeted suggestion for this, its been suggested to me multiple times, I