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    on prem to IBM Cloud migration

    jvm2016 Hot Shot

      Hi All ,


      could someone suggest on following scenerio.


      consider a  on prem environemt which is running on vsphere6.0 environment with NSX and vsan  .there is a need to migrate workloads to ibm cloud on VCF.

      since starting 6.0 we have long distance vmotion that can migrate vms acrross geography in our case to one of the the DCs of IBM.

      do we really need HCX in above scenerio ??can we simply rely on long distance vmotion.





      apreciate yur response on this.

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          vishcs Novice

          Hello, since your source environment is 6.0, you could use Cross vCenter vMotion capability to move VMs from your on-prem instance to another vCenter server which is also 6.0 and above. There is also a VMware fling available which allows you to do this easily using a graphical interface. I am a developer on the fling and suggest you to try it to see if it meets your needs. Please be aware of the networking/licensing requirements to use Long Distance vMotion feature as mentioned on the below KB article. With that said, I want to mention that the flings are not "officially" supported (even though the XVC-vMotion fling uses officially supported vMotion APIs of vCenter). On the other hand, HCX is an officially supported workload migration tool for IBM cloud. Hope that helps.


          Cross vCenter Workload Migration Utility


          VMware Knowledge Base

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            jvm2016 Hot Shot

            Thanks for your response .


            thnaks again for providing information with fling I am going to check this .

            however my main intension to ask this question is to check need of HCX in case source environment is 6.0 with NSX and satisfy all requirements for cross vcenter vmotion .

            as source on prem environment can have different versions of vsphere but for the time being iam considering very specific scenerio of source being 6.0 and running with nsx.

            do we still need HCX?? as layer  two strechingis achieved by NSX universal logical switch 


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              Thanks for your post i had the same idea to share




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