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    Thinapp start exception

    gergaut Lurker



      I'm tryring to thinapp WinSCP 5.13.1 (5.13.2) for quit a while know. I use Thinapp Version 5.2.3 and capture it on Win10 1703,

      but after building it, it wont start on Win10 1703. It did work on Win10 1607 and on Win7 but not on 1703 (nor 1709/1803).




      Exception EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION on read of 0x0000005E (VirtualBlock 0x0-0x00010000 Type=unknown Protection=PAGE_NOACCESS ) from unknown_module:0x77BF3707





      some random stuff and "0xc0000005" (Access Denied)



      I've got the same issue with iTunes and Gimp.


      Does anyone else got some kind of problem? Any advise?


      Regards gergaut