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    Color Management

    lennyeiger Lurker

      Greetings, all. I've sen something similar answered but the post is very old.... so I'll try for some modern info.

      I am running Fusion 10.1.1 on a Mac Pro Cylinder. Inside Fusion is a Window 10 OS.

      I am scanning images with a drum scanner and need critical color. I run the scanning software on the Windows side and copy the images over to the Mac side for editing in Photoshop.

      I have a very nice NEC SpectraView with the integrated software and spectrophotometer. I calibrated it using the Mac software.


      While doing some scans I noticed that the color was off between the two OS'es. Can I install a monitor profile in Windows somewhere that will correct this?


      TIA, Lenny

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          dlhotka Virtuoso

          Short answer is that it's painful, and not really supported.


          Longer answer is that there's two approaches - one is to disable color management completely in the guest, and the other is to first calibrate the host, then calibrate again since the guest (while in full screen mode). 

          Results may vary - having multiple profiles involved is tricky at best.  One thing - disable any sort of 'automatic adjustment' for room lighting.  You'll want a static setup.