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    Ramifications of keeping Horizon agent installed when provisioning an Appstack

    whibr Novice

      The Horizon agent should not be installed on the system being used to provision an appstack, correct?  What will happen if I leave it installed?  So I had provisioned an application (Bluebeam Revu 2017) successfully without the Horizon agent installed as recommended. When I then attached and use the application in a Horizon desktop pool with NVIDIA GRID vGPU enabled, the application would have graphics issues and some of the text box and sticky note features wouldn't work.  The application did work just fine when I tested it on another pool that didn't use vGPU, but I need the appstack for our vGPU-enabled Horizon desktop pools.


      I next tried provisioning this app on a vGPU-enabled desktop pool parent VM and keeping the Horizon Client and direct-connect plugin in the VM.  This is needed to activate the vGPU graphics in-session.  This approach did fix something, since the application is working correctly when I attach it to a vGPU pool user session.  During installation when provisioning, I think the Bluebeam installer is doing some type of optimization and profiling steps with the graphics capabilities.  


      I'm just wondering if anyone else has experience provisioning appstacks for attaching on NVIDIA vGPU desktop pools, and if there are any pitfalls I should be on the lookout for by doing it this way (ie. keeping Horizon agent installed so I could activated the NVIDIA graphics).  Thanks.