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    Can I use only one thread infrastructure thread for 4 SUT VMmark submission?

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      I am adding this from an email thread to be discussed here:


      QUESTION:  In case of using 4 SUTs and 4 tiles, the default number of infrastructure workload threads is two. Can I use only one thread for VMmark submission? Is this compliance issue? I can't understand [if] this is compliance issue or not in the following description in User Guide page 42.


      Calculate the Number of Simultaneous Infrastructure Operations

      In any VMmark run, a variety of infrastructure operations are performed. These are clone and deploy, vMotion, Storage vMotion, and XvMotion. In addition to these baseline infrastructure operations, additional instances of these infrastructure operations are performed in larger environments. If your VMmark systems under test cluster contains four or more hosts and you will be running four or more tiles, VMmark will perform these additional instances of infrastructure operations. The number of simultaneous infrastructure operations is half of the smaller of either the number of hosts or the number of tiles, rounded down to an integer. Calculate this number, then record it for use later in the preparation process.  (This number will determine how many copies of the template you'll need to make and how many instances will be required to be entered in the DeployVMinfo parameter in the VMmark3.properties file.)


      ANSWER:  The number of infrastructure threads executed during a run is controlled by the VMmark3 harness and is not a tunable (user adjustable) parameter.