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    Port group naming length..

    sushilkm Enthusiast

      We are deploying a SRM instance integrated with nutanix SRA as Storage replication. The V Centers are running V sphere 6.5 and Latest SRM version with it. Same time, VMware NSX is being deployed across both sites in a Cross V Center linked mode.


      The Port groups in above scenario are getting deployed via NSX for the VM consumption. Unfortunately While deploying these port groups, NSX add a kind of UUID in the port group name which make it really long one. Add to it, we are adding network info like VLAN_192.168.100.XX as well for easy identification thus making it even more longer .


      During POC, we faced some issue with long port group names while recovering the VM's using SRM as part of test case scenario. The port group just won't hook up at recovery site. I was wondering if there is any limitation as such wrt to long port group names. If there are what are those limitations. as always happens, I could not find anything to this effect in  documentation anywhere and we fear going into production with long port group names. Even more unfortunate is that there is no way for us to control the NSX behavior. Same time, these port groups cannot be renamed as that will break the NSX.


      Appreciate if experts can advice on how to go around the situation.