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    Is there a way to change the fields on the View login popup when using Radius?

    timkennedy Lurker

      We are using view with Radius, and Multi-Factor Authentication.   The login sequence is pretty normal, when the user connects, they get a popup window, enter their credentials, then get the challenge for the MFA token, then they're in (or not).


      We have some confusion with users due to the wording of the login prompt.   The fields requested are "Username" and "Passcode".  We find that "Passcode" seems to be particularly confusing to users who keep trying to enter their MFA token at that point instead of their password.


      Is there any to change that wording, and have it request "Username" and "Password", or even "Email" and "Password"?


      I have seen F5 allows for some customization of the login form, as descrived at VMware Horizon View Client Customization - custom field names and description but we aren't using F5.