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    Unable to Upgrade VC5.5Appliance w/ExternalPSC6.0Win - Compatibility between vCenter 5.5 Appliance and PSC 6.0 Windows

    LuisLeitaoIPT Lurker

      Hi Guys,


      Has anyone been over an upgrade of a VCenter Server 5.5 in Appliance, connected to a PSC 6.0 on a Windows Server?


      During the Wizard to Upgrade the VCenter, i'm getting an error message saying the PSC is not available or not running.


      I've checked networking, firewalls etc, no issues there. So i'm starting to wonder if there's any compatibility issues here.


      I've opened a case with VMware to address this issue.


      The error is:


      Single Sign-on service on "PSC-Server" is not responding.

      Upgrade process requires your Single Sign-on service on "PSC-Server" to be up and running. Please verify if Single Sign-on service is up and running and there is no network connectivity issue between vCenter Server and Single Sign-on virtual machines.


      It appears on the Wizard, when we get to the second screen "Connect to Source Appliance"


      Any hints will be much appreciated.