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    Multitenant vROPs o connecting a customer to my vROPs

    kopper27 Expert

      hi guys


      I was checking some information about this multitenant feature vROPS says they have but not really well documented this is my currect scenario

      we have are a service provider we have some cluster running vmware and vCenter and to this vCenter a vROPs is connected all in out internal o management network


      we have clusters sharing capacity and some other cluster dedicated to customers and one of this knows vROPs and wants to have now the same reports which is great but

      we cannot give a VPN to even an IP in our management environment so I am not sure how to provide the customer visibility to their capacity management and stuff


      few months ago I remember I tried something similar with the different component VROPs has and I remembered even with the connector I need from vROPs to connect to another vCenter IP



      so has someone implemented something like this or has any idea how to?


      thanks  a lot