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    NSX-T, NSX-V and NSX Cloud

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      Can anyone help me understand the difference between the types of NSX.

      I know that NSX-V is for VMware environments. NSX-T was transform based on different hypervisors. But how does NSX Cloud come into all of this ?



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          NSX-v is specific to vSphere Hypervisor Environments  ,however NSX T and NSX Cloud flavors are based on NSX-T architecture. VMware NSX Cloud uses NSX-T components (NSX Manager and Controllers) and integrates them with public cloud providers. Dedicated NSX Cloud management infrastructure will be allocated to each customer and VMware. will manage it.  Customers bring their own AWS accounts and VPCs to be managed by NSX Cloud network and security policies.


          • NSX Cloud Service Customer Dashboard provides a single User Interface for customers to see the status of their deployment, high level inventory, and maintenance notifications.
          • NSX Cloud Services Manager (CSM) integrates with NSX Manager and public cloud accounts to provide a unified view of cloud inventory, onboard cloud environments by automating the deployment of the NSX Public Cloud Gateway, and manages quarantine policies. NSX Cloud Services Manager also layers NSX status over the cloud inventory.
          • NSX Public Cloud Gateway (PCG) acts as a local NSX control plane within each public cloud VPC, provides Edge Gateway functions for North-South traffic, and enforces quarantine policy.
          • NSX Public Cloud Agent provides the distributed data path functions for workloads managed by NSX. It enforces distributed firewall policies and performs logical routing and switching for overlay traffic.



          You may check  Securing Native Cloud Workloads with VMware NSX ,NSX Cloud - YouTube

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            Hi - Below link may help you. Thank you


            Comparison between VMware NSX-V and NSX-T - vembu.com