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    Running first installation of VCSA 6.7 in VMWare Workstation 14 - left with a blank screen

    LumH Novice


      • Closed lab (no internet access)
      • One Physical switch
      • 4 working ESXi VM Hosts
      • One Windows 10 Pro PC - with installed VMWare Workstation 14
      • 2 other Windows 10 Pro PCs
      • All static IP addresses;   No Servers (no active directory), DHCP, Domain Controllers, etc.
      • All VMWare products are currently evaluation licenses.


      Note: newbie user...



      So, I've set up a lab environment with ESXi VM Hosts (mix of 6.5 and 6.7), populated with VM guests (Windows 10, FreeNAS, VyOS) - everything works as it should.

      I'm trying to incorporate vCenter into the picture:

      • With the VCSA 6.7 DVD (from .iso), tried to install the .ova as a VM in VMW-Workstation 14
      • Entered information in all the configuration sections - Network, SSO, root password, etc., but I skipped the "Upgrade" section.
      • Configured the VCSA as "VSC with embedded PSC", "tiny" sizing option.


      When the VCSA VM plays, I see:

      • photon splash screen
      • photon login prompt  (for a few seconds)
      • bunch of log messages
        • sda disk caches messages
        • [OK] DCUI started
        • [OK] DCDI stopped
        • etc...

      And then, I get a blank screen with a "_"


      I'm able to get the Photon login prompt if I use ALT-F1/ALT-F2  (just like for the ESXi VM Host) but I cannot login using the root/password entered at the VM configuration.


      Appreciate any help for troubleshooting this situation.