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    Usage meter: manual mode

    Luca82 Enthusiast

      Hi everyone, I'm starting to test the usage meter appliance 3.6... I've noticed that during the first setup it requires and forces to fill all the informations about automatic reporting. I would like to know if is there some way to skip this configuration and execute the appliance in a sort of "manual mode" and in a second time download manually the report (not sendind to any email)?

      Thank you everyone

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          paluszekd Hot Shot
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          Hi Luca82 - at this time, the SMTP configuration is mandatory for UM 3.6.x. Not only is this used for the reporting functionality, Usage Meter will also use this for any issue alerting, which is critical for monitoring any metered objects. Thanks!

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            PeterNed Novice
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            UM 3.6+ requires smtp. However, automatic usage aggregation requires subscription to Usage Meter Service (name is TBD), which currently is in Initial Availability stage. Without it, our partners should go and manually aggregate and report the usage into the business portal. Hope that helps

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