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    Bring back the host What-Ifs!

    OsburnM Enthusiast

      My biggest gripe of the 6.7 changes is the removal of the various host scenarios you could build in the What-Ifs Projects.  I get how VMware wants to move to a consumption model and the What-Ifs in 6.7 are geared toward consumers....  But losing the host stuff makes it a LOT harder for host infrastructure people to plan for host adds/removes/changes.  Bring it back!!!

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          daphnissov Champion
          vExpertCommunity Warriors

          I think these are going to be reintroduced in the next version, but no more specifics other than that.

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            paurgie Novice

            As I see it, this is a straight up betrayal.  One of the specific reasons we bought vROPs a few months ago was the intention of using it to help right size our upgrades.  The timing of our purchase was to be sure that we had ample run time before we had to finalize the order that we're building right now.  Now we find out just after our last 6.6 upgrade backup rolled off that we lose one of the highly touted features that was going to give us some ROI on the product.


            I think the RVP of sales that was trying to pressure us about needing to finish the expansion of our licenses to cover the other half of our environment may be getting an unpleasant phone call if we can't find a way to get this back ASAP.  Seriously, removing core features, especially on a simple point release, is beyond shady.  I wonder if we get a comp with professional services to do the analysis since we can't do it ourselves when we need to now.

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              A13x Hot Shot

              Maybe it was not the brightest of ideals to upgrade vrops to a later version as you were midway through. Can you not just rollback to a snapshot or backup and do you not have a dev/test environment you tested this on first ?