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    vCloud API for .Net, SDK version 5.5 is still supporte for vCloud Director 8.20?

    goog74 Lurker

      Hello everybody,

      I'm new in this forum and also a newby in vCloud API programming.

      I have to maintain a .Net application that uses vCloud SDK for .Net version 5.1. Recently in my organization vCloud Director has been migrated to version 8.20.

      Since this migration, the .Net application fails invoking the Login method of vCloudClient class.

      It throws a generic .Net Exception with message "One or more error occurred".


      The user, the organization, the password and the URL have not been changed after migration.


      In VMWare web site I found a newer version of SDK .Net API, the 5.5, but also with this version the errors is still present. 


      I didn't find exhaustive information on how to proceed to correct this error.

      My questions are:

      - SDK Api 5.5 for .Net, is not more supported for vCloud Director 8.20?

      - If yes, there is a newer version of vCloud SDK  for .Net that is compatible with 8.20? Where can I download it?


      Many thanks for your attention.