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    How to Define Unit Type for SuperMetric

    OsburnM Enthusiast

      With vROps 6.7 changes to removing all the allocation stuff (most anyway), I decided to go and try to build a supermetric for available memory in a cluster after taking the HA memory reserve percentage into account so I could add it to the new Allocation Details View.  I have the supermetric working but I don't know how to define the unit type within the view.  The option is grayed out and shows "Not Applicable".


      Anyone know how to do this?  I'd like it to show up as GB next to the number in the View.


      If interested, here's my supermetric btw-- warning, she's a long one.  feel free to offer a better way!


      sum((${this, metric=mem|host_provisioned}-(${this, metric=mem|host_provisioned}*(${this, metric=configuration|dasConfig|admissionControlPolicy|memoryFailoverResourcesPercent}/100)))-(${this, metric=mem|memory_allocated_on_all_vms}))/1024/1024


      Here's the formula I came up with for the above:




      where -

      t = Metric | Memory | Total Capacity (KB)

      r = Metric | Cluster Configuration | DAS Configuration | Admission Control Policy | Memory Failover Resources Percent

      a = Metric | Memory | Memory Allocated on All VMs (KB)


      Supermetric applied to the Cluster Compute Resource object type.