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    SQL database replication through Veeam Backup and Replication 9.5.

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      I have requirement for the following information in a VM set up.

      I have 2 SQL server 2016 instances.Say SQL instance 1 is SQLInst1 and SQL Instance 2 is SQLINst2. Both SQL server 2016 instances are running in 2 different VMs hosted in 2 different Physical server.We are using Veeam Backup and Replication 9.5 version. My system works on DC DR concept.My DC is location 1 where SQLInst1 is running and DR is SQLInst2  in Location 2. SQLInst1 and SQLInst2 are mirror image of each other.The database attached with SQLInst1 is identical with that of SQLInst2. I like to know the following information.


      1) Whether I can take periodic database backup of databases from SQLInst1 and copy the backup to SQLInst2 and restore the backup to SQLInst2 periodically (say 1 hour interval)

      2) And restore the incremental portion to SQLInst2 in every 1 hour.


      I have WAN link in between SQLInst1 and SQLInst2. But quality of link is good.And my Database full backup should not go >500 MB.

      For some specific reason, I do not want to use SQL mirroring.

      Can I do the same through  Veeam Backup and Restore Solution 9.5?