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    Report on VMs with Snapshots

    Shocko Enthusiast

      Hi all, new to vRops. I'd like to create a weekly report that shows the following:


      • all VMs with snapshot
      • Attributes such as size of snap, age and the custom tags assigned to the vm


      How would one go about creating such a report or is there a canned one?

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          daphnissov Champion
          Community WarriorsvExpert

          There is a report that has most of that. It's fairly simple: Create (or clone and edit) a view, add the metrics or properties to that view, then add the view to a report. I've done this quite frequently in the past and actually have it emailed to me weekly to report on our lab environment (in case we forgot to commit snapshots).

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            OsburnM Enthusiast

            vROps 6.7 now actually has a real "AGE" metric for snapshots.  It's a hidden metric so you can't add it yourself to a new View/Report; however, you can take the Default Snapshots view that includes the age metric, then clone it to customize & include everything else.  I did that and now have a View that provides VM Name, Snapshot Size, Snapshot Age, Folder, Cluster, Datacenter, vCenter, & Tags.  Works great.


            And as with anything vROps/Reports-- a report is simply a collection of Views or Dashboards.  So get your View done the way you want it and throw the View into a Report.

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