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    Policy Alert Definitions Automate Action shows 'Not Applicable'

    OsburnM Enthusiast

      Greetings all.  vROps 6.7 Advanced here and we're attempting to enable Automated Actions with no success.


      We are attempting to implement an Alert / Automated Action that automatically deletes vm snapshots after 7 days.


      Below have been the steps so-far...


      1. Enabled Automated Actions in Global Settings.
      2. Enabled Actions in the vCenter Adapter.
      3. Created a custom symptom for snapshot age = 7 days.
      4. Created a custom recommendation that's leverages the 'Delete unused snapshots for VM' action.
      5. Created an Alert Definition 'Automated Alert Action for Deleting Old Snapshots' and included the above symptom & recommendation.
      6. Verified the Alert fires and that I can click the "Run Action" and it goes and deletes snapshots from a VM correctly.


      So now all I should have to do is go to the Policy and enable Automate Action for the alert definition from #5 above.  But alas, when opening the Policy, hitting 'Alert / Symptom Definitions' and selecting my Alert Definitions, the list shows as 'Not Applicable' under the Automate column and it will not let me enable Automated Actions for this alert.


      Anyone know what I may be missing here?