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        jontjioe Novice

        I can confirm that after upgrading from ESXi 6.5 U2 to ESXi 6.7 EP3, I have the same issue and I am not unable to export a VM from the vSphere web client. I get an error around 100MB using both Chrome and Firefox. Chrome shows that it was a network error while Firefox just shows that the download stopped after 100MB.


        However, I can also confirm that I was able to install ovftool on Ubuntu and export to an .ova using ovftool.


        #Install ovftool on the platform of your choice



        #Syntax For the command. You will notice that I am exporting thin-provisioned .vmdk files

        ovftool -dm=thin "vi://<ESXi IP>/<VM name>" <name of ova file to create>.ova

        For username, type root and press enter.

        For password, type the password and press enter.



        ovftool -dm=thin "vi://" template_2016.ova


        When I tried importing this via the GUI, I noticed that at the final window of the Create/Register VM wizard, I would see an error that states  "A required disk image is missing." It did allow me to click Finish and the import would work without any issues. However, I did not want the error so I found that it was b/c the .ovf file contains references to the nvram file. The steps below walk you through extracting the .ova file, editing the .ovf file by removing any lines that say "nvram", and then deleting the files you do not need.


        #You can untar the contents of the .ova file

        tar -xvf template_2016.ova

        rm *.mf

        rm *.nvram

        vi template_2016.ovf


        Delete the line by pressing dd

        Press n to go to the next result

        Delete the line by pressing dd

        Press :wq to save the file and quit

        Once you have tested importing the .ovf and .vmdk files, delete the ova file


        Now you can import your VM the normal way using the Create/Register VM wizard. You will select the .ovf and all .vmdk files instead of an .ova file.

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          mboyaci Lurker

          I had the exact same problem but when I tried Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 it was able to download the 43GB for my vm.

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            TheUnF Lurker

            How can I install VMware-ovftool-4.3.0-13981069-lin.x86_64.bundle on ESXi 6.7 host ?

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