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    Merge Provider VDCs validation error.

    x129 Lurker

      When trying to make merge I get an error:


      [ 1f481b03-9047-4eaa-a9e0-3102632ff92b ] Validation errors during merge of Provider VDC.

      The VCD entity [vcId=eaa4d8b2-eb18-416e-acd5-7a64b7059f68, more=resgroup-6150] does not exist.


      How do you know that he doesn't like? What conditions must be met for the merge?

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          x129 Lurker

          2018-04-25 18:03:35,957 | DEBUG    | pool-jetty-80             | VC20VirtualEngine              | ResourcePool [vcId=eaa4d8b2-eb18-416e-acd5-7a64b7059f68, moref=resgroup-6150] does not exist in the inventory


          2018-04-25 18:03:35,957 | ERROR    | pool-jetty-80             | ComputeHubSetImpl              | Resource pool for [vcId=eaa4d8b2-eb18-416e-acd5-7a64b7059f68, moref=resgroup-6150] doesnt exist

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            ImmedionChris Novice

            I have the same issue and can tell you from what experience I have that it is a database related issue - most likely you have some stale entries that point to resource pools that no longer exist. If you look in the [vcddb].[dbo].[vc_computehub] table in your database, you should see an entry for your missing resgroup. My suggestion is to not try solving this yourself, but open a case with support.