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    Cannot create VMFS Datastore on newly installed ESX 6.5 (Licensed)

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      we have a new Dell PowerEdge R730xd server setup and preconfigured with DellEMC Customized Image ESXi 6.5 Update 1 A08 (based on ESXi VMKernel Release Build 7388607) .

      I am using VSphere Essentials License.


      Without any changes, I logged into the Vsphere Web Interface /ui/#/host and attempted to create a new VMFS datastore but got an error:

      Failed to create VMFS datastore test - Cannot change the host configuration.


      SPECS Used:


      Name: Test

      Devices: 1 x 10TB Virtual Disk (Raid 10 x 4 Physical Disks) setup by Dell.

      Size to create VMFS datastore: 1 TB

      VMFS Type:  Both VMFS 5 and 6 failed in separate tests.

      No other existing datastores or VM's.


      Contacted Dell but awaiting response and as it ESX they may not help.


      As we need this server setup ASAP I was wondering if anyone knows of any resolutions or a point in the right direction with this.


      I have used ESX different flavors for years and never seen this before.


      Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.

      I also have limited command line experience.


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