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    vrops 6.6

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      Hi all ,

      could someone from vrops community explain what is the difference between vrops live instance and vrops historical instance.

      is this something new in 6.6 ??

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          daphnissov Champion
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          Where are you seeing this?

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            jvm2016 Enthusiast

            Hands on lab

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              daphnissov Champion
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              Can you be more specific as to which one?

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                sxnxr Expert

                If i had to guess the historical one is an old instance that was used to collect data and is used to see historical stats.


                Live is a new instance that is used to get live data for the objects that were connected to the historical instance and now moved to the live instance.


                We have done this a couple of times for clean installs instead of upgrades

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                  above is the screen shot .

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                    also could you expain how analytics work in vrops 6.6.

                    iam doing lab 1801-03 CMP LAb wherein there is an example to 



                    1:define symptom definition

                    2:add that symtom to alert

                    3:and then add recomendation


                    this for a web server which has got high number of http request .now considering this example everything is defined by administrator similar to alarms in vcenter .

                      how is it different from vcenter alarms ?? as per analytics it has to learn what is the normal behaviour and it should try to fix or give recomendations if there are deviations in normal behavoiur.

                    can you please explain more on analytics engine which is part of vrops appliance.