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    Can't Remove Standard Switch Port Groups

    nunciate Lurker

      Seeing something odd.  We are finally upgrading from 5.5 to 6.5 and after migrating our hosts from one vCenter to another I noticed some standard switch port groups that remain listed under Networking even though none of the hosts have standard switches anymore.


      To migrate we moved all networking to standard switches.
      Then we disconnected our host from vCenter 5.5 and connected them to vCenter 6.5.

      Finally we migrated everything from standard to the new distributed switches.


      I think we may have deleted a standard switch without actually removing each of the port groups first and that may be why they are stuck there.


      Anyone have any ideas on how to remove these.  They aren't hurting anything but I like a clean view of my environment so would prefer to get rid of these.


      Here is the switch view.  Shows 3 extra groups there that should be gone.  No VMs and no hosts assigned to them and I can't see a way to remove them.




      Here the switch view for our hosts.  They all look the same.  There are no standard switches.  These are all VDS.