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    VMware Integrated Openstack 4.1 Plugin - vCenter Internal Server Error 500

    carboncopy Novice

      I recently migrated to vCenter 6.7 and installed (fresh install) ESXi 6.7 on my five compute nodes. I am trying to get VIO 4.1 running, but I can't get past the error on the screenshot. I get the error whether the VIO vApp is on or off, so it looks like the problem is with vCenter and the VIO plugin/extension.


      To make sure that the plugin/extension was not corrupted, I followed the VMware pubs that show how to delete the plugin/extension and how to re-install it. I am still getting the same error after the re-install of the extension/plugin, so I removed the extension again and deployed the VIO 3.1 OVF and I am still having the same problem. I had VIO 3.1 running on vCenter 6.5 without any problems so I am thinking this is a problem with the Openstack extension and vCenter 6.7. I am not sure where to start looking to fix this problem though.


      Also, once the Openstack extension is loaded, the vSphere "Flex" client doesn't work anymore. I am able to log in just fine with the HTML5 client, but when I log in with theFlex client (uses Flash), I am able to authenticate, but the screen stays blue and never takes me into the vCenter menu.


      Imgur: The magic of the Internet

      Any suggestions?