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    Migrate VCenter Server from VM to Physical

    AUTOZ Novice


      Currently we have VMware vSphere 6 Essentials licenses and in I have 03 Host Esxi 's. Vcenter server also hosted as vm in one of esxi servers.

      I have issue when updating patches and upgrades. Since vcenter server is vm i'm not able to upgrade to hosted esxi server. Since I have additional server can I migrate vcenter server to physical or reinstall and transfer the license?

      And If i reinstall vcenter server essential license will support or not since essential support only 03 physical server?

      Please advice.



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          sck1025 Novice

          Assuming you have shared storage, you could power off vcenter and then browse to the IP address of one of the already updated hosts and register vCenter there.  This would allow you to patch your host that vCenter was residing on. 


          1. Shutdown vCenter and remove from inventory.

          2. Browse to IP of host you want to move vcenter to

          3. From host you want to move vcenter to, browse datastore it resides on, find .vmx file right click and register VM.

          4. Put it on one of your other hosts and power on.

          5. Patch host that vcenter used to reside on.