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    Windows 10 - Default mail client message

    lansti Enthusiast

      Hi, I'm working on a windows 10 image, and i have installed Office 365 on an appstack.

      When my testuser is logged in, he got a message.



      When i go to Windows Settings - Apps - Default Apps:

      I'm not able to choose a default app for E-Mail.

      If i click +, it sats that there are no app installed for this kind of file or protocol.


      I have created a ADM file for GPO that should do the magic: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2008044/how-to-configure-the-default-e-mail-client-using-group-policy

      With no luck.


      Anyone that have a solution for this?

      We are running Horizon UEM version 9.3.0, appvol 2.13, Horizon Agent 7.3.2