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    Troubleshoot a VM as a report

    dcrijns Lurker



      is it possible to create a report which looks like the Troubleshoot a VM Dashboard. I really like the look and feel of the report.

      Purpose is I wan't to create a report per selected VM with exactly the same data as the dashboard within a requested timeframe.

      I tried to create the same report but it is not possible to select a date or show the content of the dashboards below.


      I also tried to create a simple dashboard with below statistics. When I import the dashboard into a report it only shows me the 2 first values, the 3rd is cutoff in between two pages and the 3 last values are not shown.


      CPU Avarage Demand (Mhz)

      CPU Demand (Mhz)

      CPU Ready (%)

      CPU Total Capacity (Mhz)

      CPU Usable Capacity (Mhz)

      CPU Contention (%)


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