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    Esxi 5.5 slow network performance

    hyvokar Enthusiast



      I have a esxi5.5 2403361 with i7 cpu, 32gb mem, adaptec 5805 with 6x2TB in raid 10 and Intel 82546EB 2 port 1Gb network card.

      The host is almost idle.

      I recently purchased a NAS for backups, which I connect via iSCSI

      The backup speed is quite low, ~30MB/s


      I tried the following:

      Create new iscsi LUN on nas and map it to Win7 VM inside esxi (let's say, it's G:-drive).

          -     try cipher /W:G: , ~30MB/s


      Disconnected the LUN and mapped it to a windows desktop machine

           - try cipher /W:G: , ~110MB/s


      Create a new virtual hard disk for a VM, and connect it

           - try cipher /W:G: ~440MB/s


      Open datastore with winscp from windows desktop

           - copy a random OS image, ~30MB/s



      So my conclusion if, that there is something slowing down the esxi-network. Is there anything more I could do to troubleshoot, or even fix the problem?