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    Cannot load the contact details, because the server returned an error. Try again later.

    stoda05 Lurker

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm having a problem with VMware support assistant 6.5 which is bringing up the above error message when I go to the Contact details tab of the 6.5 server.  The precise current appliance version is

      .5.0.0 Build 4969273.

      Screenshot 2018-04-16 07.37.53.png

      I've tried reinstalling the support assistant and this comes up immediately after it's been installed for the first time.


      Other than this, everything sees to work fine!


      I don't have a proxy configured - I've read about a version 5.5. issue where this error is shown because of an unknown certificate on the proxy.  The support assistant has a direct connection to vmware.com - which is the site it appears to be trying to get to when I do a packet trace on our firewall.  And it actually has unrestricted access to anywhere on the internet.




      Daniel Storey