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      I have VRNI isntalled as a single node and now I want to add to more platform VM's to create a cluster.  When I go into the create cluster and add the two ip addresses of the platform vm I havdeployed already and the support user password it keeps returning an error "IP is not accessible with given credentials"  I have logged into both of those VM's and changed both the consoleuser password and the support user password and have logged into both with the new password.  I had previously tried it with the default and it did not work either.  I am running VRNI version Also I logged in as console user and as support user and have noticed the "cluster expand" command is no longer listed in the available commands when you type help nor does it find the command.

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          You will need to be on LARGE brick appliance before you can create a cluster.  Can you first confirm you are running a LARGE brick platform appliance and can ssh to the new appliances?

          The steps to scale up vRealize Network Insight Virtual Appliance from MEDIUM brick to LARGE brick are as follows:

          1. Log in to vCenter.
          2. Increase the RAM of the VM to at least match the LARGE brick size requirements.
          3. Increase the vCPU count of the VM to at least match the LARGE brick size requirements.
          4. Refer to the brick size in the System Requirements section.
          5. Restart the VM.


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            This is not the issue.  i did change from medium to large previously.  When you look in the UI of VRNI the create cluster is not greyed out anymore and I can put the information in but when you click the button to create the cluster (after putting the two extra nodes information in)  nothing happens.  I logged into the VRNI appliance and the create cluster module is not loaded.  So the real fix other than waiting for VMware to publish another version, is to go back a revision deploy new appliances, create the cluster then do an upgrade.