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    Network Best Practice - 2 host, 2 (10Gb) NICs and 4 (1Gb) NICs

    kruegerk Lurker

      Hello everyone. I have two standalone ESXi 6.5 hosts that I plan to setup in HA, both have the exact same hardware configuration. I am going to add a vCenter Foundation licenced VM this week.


      Each host has two 10Gb iscsi NICs for VM storage located on my 10Gb SAN. They also have 4 (1gb) onboard NICs.  I need to have my HA cluster setup this week for a website project that kicks off at the end of the week.  I will have a vendor that will setup a new web server VM. At this time I don’t know if the vendor will ask for a DMZ, I assume they will.


      How would you allocate each NIC for iSCSI, VMotion, MGMNT, VM traffic, and possible a DMZ?


      I dont know if it Is possible but I was thinking each host can be setup:


      2 (10GB) NICs VLANed for iSCSI (Vm storage) and vMotion


      3 (1Gb) NICs teamed and vlaned for MGMNT and VM traffic


      1Gb NIC dedicated to DMZ


      My enviroment is small, 10VMs.


      Thank you in advance everyone!