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    My thoughts on vrops 6.7

    sxnxr Expert

      I just upgraded our lab environment and have been looking at the changes that have been made to the main area that we use.


      Allocation based capacity. If you currently use this i would suggest you dont upgrade because as far as i can tell it has been removed as a configurable option.


      So first the polices

      As you can see there is no configuration for an allocation based model. We have 21 different environments that we use different over allocation ratios. After the upgarde they will no longer be valid. All i have access to is a set of 3 pre defined metrics 


      But these dont line up to what we use. Also it does not take into account any buffers or HA settings in the clusters because again these are not configurable in the policies


      The last thing is the removal of all the custom profiles that we use for capacity planning and deployments.


      If this is the case and i am not missing something then i am totally disappointed in this release

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          sxnxr Expert

          I have been advised by the vrops product team not to upgrade to 6.7 if you use the allocation based capacity model. This has not been included with 6.7 and will be added with an update later.


          I must have missed the memo

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            MichaelRyom Hot Shot

            Nice, to know.


            I'm with you as far as not upgrading to vRops 6.7. I think this is such a major change in behaviour that I would advise people to first install 6.7 side by side with the current vRops environment and see if it is useable.


            Would really like to see a road map of whats to come...