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    vSphere folders, are the VM's powered on?

    ben_turner_ Lurker

      I have an interesting request at the moment that requires a dashboard to display whether a group of VM's is powered on or not.


      On the face of it the request seemed simple enough, but i am struggling to come up with an elegant solution. Let’s say I have 2 folders in vCenter and VM's in folder 1 are powered off and folder 2 are powered on. I want to show a simple dashboard that would show this. I have tried to use custom groups with the descendants of the relative folders, but it's not as elegant as I would like.


      I think I am missing something, I then thought about a super metric to give me a single yes (if all the VM's are powered on) or no (if all the VM's are powered off) but I cannot filter on a VM folder here.


      I cannot see the wood for the trees, can anyone think of a simpler way to implement this?