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    Management network linked to two separate nic cards will not work

    HendersonD Hot Shot

      Just received some brand new HPE DL380 Gen10 servers. Each server comes with two separate nics, each with two 10Gbe ports. Let's call them NIC1 and NIC2

      I ran a DAC cable from NIC1 on the server to my Juniper switch. I ran a second DAC cable from NIC2 to my Juniper switch. If I have a nic failure then I will not lose access to my management network

      Installed ESXi 6.5 U1, and went to setup the management network. Under network adapters I chose the two nics, added an IP address, mask, gateway, and DNS information and thought I was set

      I started pinging the management IP address from my workstation and it would not ping. I restarted the host and during startup I received several pings back but once fully started the pings stopped

      After a lot of work I determined having two connections to two different nic cards is the issue. If I go to network setup again and only choose one nic, everything pings fine

      Any ideas?

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