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    route domain name to virtual machine

    jarscrgmks Lurker




      I have  two months searching information, but don't find the right answer.




      I have ESXI now, but maybe this doesn't is the software need, and somebody can guide what is the solutions.




      This is my needs.








      Have 3 VM


      1. api.example.com (Windows Server)


      2. testing.example.com (Linux Server)


      3. whm.example.com (cPanel Linux Server)




      Have 1 IP Dedicated.




      If open  api.example.com need the VM response to request domain or subdomain.


      If open testing.example.com need show the page in the VM Linux.




      Now have cPanel machine response all request, but can't route domains to diferent VM, I don't know if need more IP's or another software for work.