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    VIO Customization Documentation incomplete or incorrect

    jet81 Lurker

      I am trying to follow the documentation for customizing the logos and dashboards for VIO 3.1 https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Integrated-OpenStack/3.1/com.vmware.openstack.admin.doc/GUID-B395AE74-9554-430B-A728-93931E2568EB.html. However, the instructions seem incomplete or incorrect.


      For instance, no where does it say where to execute these instructions from. My assumption is the OMS?


      Step 1 says to load images in the /home/viouser/custom/horizon directory... This directory doesn't exisit on the OMS, am I supposed to create it? I ask this because Step 2a says to uncomment the .login-bg parameter, however, this file doesn't exist so I can't uncomment it. This step alludes to the fact that there should be a _styles.scss already there? Under an assumption that I should create the file and add the .login-bg CSS into the _styles.scss file I did that and saved the file in the /home/viouser/custom/horizon directory that I went ahead and created.


      Steps 4a and 4b say to uncomment certain lines in the custom.yml file. However, the default locations allude to a different location for custom theme CSS. Can I just uncomment the lines and use the directory specified (/opt/vmware/vio/custom/horizon/) for these assets? Is there supposed to be a _styles.scss that I can uncomment the parameters? Playing on the assumption that I'm wrong about all of this, I uncommented the lines and changes the directories to match the new path. Saving the file and opening a new session had no effect. Is there more to this procedure?


      My apologies if this seems jumbled but the instructions are very confusing and their incompleteness leaves too much to chance of breaking Horizon...


      Does anyone have experience customizing their Horizon logos and background? If so could you point me to better instructions or clarify the current instructions? Thank you.


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