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    vRealize-Automation-ImportCatalogItems Issues

    royaltigerfan Lurker

      Whenever we modify blueprints in vRA that already exist in the ServiceNow catalog’s and save them, then we re-run the catalogimport job in ServiceNow we don’t see any of the updates we’ve made to the blueprints from vRA in the ServiceNow catalog. Is their a reason the changes aren’t being pulled over, or is their a method to getting those changes to populate?


      Example: A ServiceNow catalog item already exists for AWS-BSP-2K12 and has all the fields it pulled during its original import. We make a change to the AWS-BSP-2K12 blueprint in vRA and save it. We then re-run the importcatalog items scheduled task in ServiceNow and none of the changes are relected in the catalog.


      We've discovered a workaround, but its fairly painful in the time that it takes to complete. By removing the CatalogImportLastRunTime key value, it and re-running the vRealize-Automation-ImportCatalogItems it pulls everything back into SN. We've been told that it should import changes to vRA without having to remove this value.


      Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.