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    vROPS Report: Disk Consolidation Needed

    nmanm0305 Novice

      Hello. I am somewhat new to vROPS. I've created views and reports in the past, but I'm looking for something new. I've been asked to create a View/Report that lists any instances of VMs that are in need of disk consolidation. The screenshot below shows the instance that I am attempting to track/report in vROPS.




      At first, I thought the metric |Virtual Machine | Disk Space Reclaimable | Snapshot Space | Reclaimable Capacity (GB)| with a filter for "not 0" would suffice, but it does not. This simply gives me a list of VMs with snapshots present, not VMs in need of disk consolidation (per the screenshot above).


      My vROPS version is 6.6 (5707161).

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          virtualg_uk Expert
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          I would have thought that there would be a built in symptom for this but there isn't (only for real snapshots which would usually work for this issue but I know of times when consolidation is needed but there are actually no snapshots.)

          What about using the Virtual Machine Metric: "Waste % > 0" I do not know if this will work but worth a try?

          Because it's not a vSphere alarm (Instead a "Summary: Configuration issue") I can kind of see why this didn't make it into vROps - but it should be!


          I would be interested to see if there is actually a snapshot file associated with this VM, I suspect there is nothing in snapshot manager,  but do you see any on the VM folder on the datastore?

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            nmanm0305 Novice

            Graham, thank you for your reply.


            You are correct; we see this problem when consolidation is needed but no snapshots are actually present. This happens occasionally after nightly backups (CommVault). Right now; the only report method we have is a storage administrator notifying us (server administrators) that a nightly backup failed; a report is generated by the backup software and then we investigate vCenter to remediate each individual server.


            I will try your recommendation, Virtual Machine Metric: "Waste % > 0", the next time we have a machine that requires the consolidation. There aren't any currently in our environment.

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              matthiasrieder Lurker

              Did you have success with the Waste % > 0 symptom? When I try to create this symptom definition I receive the error, that I cannot create this definition, because badge syptoms are managed by the system.


              Is there any possibilty in vROPS that i can set an alert based on the disk consolidation events in vCenter (similar to this description - vROPS – How to get an alert and email notification when a VM is down | VMignite.com ):



              In vROPS I can see for example any Virtual Machine configuration change event. But I was no able to figure out how I can list the disk consolidation events.

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                nmanm0305 Novice



                I did not have success with the "Waste % > 0" symptom. I ended up using LogInsight to track the "Disk Consolidation Needed" messages.