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    Easy way to update host with vCenter on it?

    Noiden Novice



      I have two ESXi 6.5 hosts.

      Host-1 - Dell PowerEdge T620

      Host-2 - Dell PowerEdge T440


      vCenter 6.5 appliance is on Host-2 for the moment, but to be able to use VUM to upgrade the host, the host must be in maintenance mode and all VM's powered down and because of that I can't have vCenter on Host-2 when I should do the update on that host.


      I don't have a license with vMotion but thinking of getting that if this method works so I did try the "Migrate" in vCenter anyway, but I got a lot of warnings with CPU incompatibility on Host-1 that I should move vCenter to.

      The target host does not support the virtual machine's current hardware requirements.

      To resolve CPU incompatibilities, use a cluster with Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) enabled. See KB article 1003212.

      3DNow! PREFETCH and PREFETCHW are unsupported.

      MOVBE is unsupported.

      FMA3 is unsupported.

      CPUID faulting is not supported.

      Supervisor Mode Execution Protection (SMEP) is unsupported.

      RDRAND is unsupported.

      Instructions to read and write FS and GS base registers at any privilege level are unsupported.

      Half-precision conversion instructions (F16C) are unsupported.

      Fast string operations (Enhanced REP MOVSB/STOSB) are unsupported.

      Is this even possible to fix? Will that EVC thing fix this?


      I also tried the "Quick Migration" in Veeam and it did not complain about any incompatibility, maybe I should try that one instead.


      Well, is there an easier method? I know I can download VIB's and install them from the ESXi shell, but it's a lot of updates and I don't wan't to install them all one by one.