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    esxi 6.5 vmnic with "no networks"

    ioahdsf8048ygh Lurker

      3x Fujitsu Primergy RX2510 M2

      running ESXi 6.5 u1 (Fujitsu VMvisor-Installer-6.5-5969303-v411-1) with Intel I350 4port NICs

      All drivers are as vmware/Fujitsu ISO standard.


      HP ProCurve Switch 5406zl  with cluster uplinks connected to the same 24 port Gig-T ZL module.


      all 4 uplinks on each port group are patched into the same switch, have the same switch port configs (untagged vlan xxx)

      I have an intermittent issue with 4 vmnic4 showing "no networks". The vmnic in question is one port on a 4 port Intel I350 P4 card.

      Once a vmnic shows this state, its stuck that way until I either down and up the vmnic, or reboot the host.


      A week later a second host did exactly the same with a different port on the same make/model of 4-port card.

      about 10 days later the 3rd host also did the same with a different port again.


      If i vmotion the VM to another host its fine.

      If i drop the problem vmnic out of the port group, the vms are fine on the remaining uplinks.


      the problem NIC on each server is one port in a 4 port card, with all 3 other links functioning perfectly before and after.


      I have been all over this including wiresharking the problem port from a VM.  The "no networks" uplink still shows some traffic from the LAN, however a lot of ARPs are going unanswered etc. so Im not convinced this is a flakey port.  However Ive also replaced the 4 port NIC in one server, only to have the issue reappear a week later.


      esxcli network nic stats get -n VMNIC4 reveal the following:


      Receive FIFO errors 57039176

      Receive missed errors: 57039176


      No other errors are shown.


      Any pointers on this would be a huge help!