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    Provisioning Validation FAILED

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      I ran the command to start the provisioning process: java -jar tools/VMmark3Service.jar -c VMmark3.properties


      and get the following error:


      2018-03-27T15:20:42.368 [main] INFO  vCSc : Updated vmmark3-template-053117 to use NetworkLabel VM Network and verified connected state

      2018-03-27T15:20:42.368 [main] ERROR MAIN : Provisioning Validation FAILED

      2018-03-27T15:20:42.376 [main] ERROR MAIN : Exception Caught: Provisioning Validation FAILEDReview Log For Details : exitSetting true

      2018-03-27T15:20:42.376 [main] INFO  MAIN : EmailString: VMmark3Service_v1.0.0 Finished




      Provisioning Validation FAILED :: Error Detail (if applicable): Review Log For Details

      Error Output:: Found 1 Errors


      The output log records the same information and I increased debugging to 3. I've also attached the VMmark3.properties file and VMmark3-ProvisioningService.log file.


      Any thoughts?

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          jamesz08 Hot Shot
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          The provisioning log shows that all the VMs for tile0 are already present in your cluster.  since you did not specify to provision more than one tile it is attempting to create tile0 again.  If you are trying to reprovision tile0 you need to delete the all of the VMs for tile0 first.  If you are trying to provision additional tiles you need to set the "ProvisioningNumTiles" variable in the properties file to a number greater than 1.