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    Bulk/automated creation of ICMP monitors

    paurgie Novice

      We are planning on using the EP Ops Agent to do ICMP pings of VMs, basically to catch mass network team goof-ups, instances where our other site goes offline due to WAN blips, or the rare cases where a VM drops off the network but maybe the VMtools check wouldn't show an issue.  The problem we are running into is that there doesn't seem to be a way we can create the monitor aside from clicking through this "monitor this object remotely" wizard 500 times.



      Has anyone come across a method where we could either bulk-create these monitors, or a similarly scripted method so that we could have it become part of the provisioning workflow?  Ideally we would do both as vROPs is new so we need to set all the existing resources to a consistent state, but going forward it would be part of our provisioning workflow.