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    Physical Switch Configuration for vDS

    fr34k7 Lurker

      Hello Folks,


      i need your input, i'm new to vDS and at work i've currently doing a migration from vSS to vDS.

      Everything is working fine for the new infrastructure (Dell Poweredge R630 connected to Aruba 5406zl switches via 2 Port 10GBase-T Trunks (LACP))

      vDS has 2 LAG Uplinks


      So i wanted to migrate the old Cluster also to the vDS


      Old setup was pretty simple:

      HP C3000 Blade Enclosure populated with with 4 passthrough-modules (1 GBit) and 8 BL460c G7 Blades

      Each Blade has minimum 4 nics (2 used for LAN and 2 used for iSCSI traffic on different VSS) each nic (for iscsi or lan) is connected to a different switch to provide redundancy.


      i did not change anything on the physical switches just added the hosts to the existing vDS and assigned the two vmnics as uplink for LAG1/0 and LAG1/1 (did not create trunks on the physical switches as both LAN uplink ports are not connected to the same switch).


      unfortunatlely this does not work as expected as it seems there is some kind of loop now and i face high packetloss and latency - so as temporary fix i removed one of the vmnics assigned to the uplink


      How is the correct configuration on my vDS and  the physical switch?


      Will i have to create a new vDS with normal uplinks and use this one instead of the existing vDS with LAG uplinks? or can i fix this behaviour by changing the configuration of my physical switches?


      Thanks for your answers