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    Application Captured... what gets moved to new computer?

    ilcaa Novice

      i just finished capturing an application and from within the bin folder, i have a .dat and a .exe file.  the exe works fine. the app runs with no issues...


      i now what to use the app on a different computer.  Do i just move the exe file?  do I need to move the entire 'capture folder' with all the %program% folders?  if so where should i place it?


      what is the next step in using the virtualized application on other systems.


      thank you!

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          Lakshmana Prakash Virtuoso
          VMware EmployeesvExpert

          You have multiple options to deploy the captured ThinApp on other computers.


          1. Generate 'MSI' for the ThinApp and just install the MSI on other computers. It will install the .EXE and .DAT files and registers the ThinApp under 'Programs and Features'. To generate MSI, edit the 'Package.ini' file, Build Options and enable the MSIFilename parameter by removing the semicolon (;) before.


          2.  If you want to deploy ThinApp for many computers without using MSI, copy the 'bin' folder (that contains the .EXE and .dat) to a network share folder and register the ThinApp (using ThinReg.exe) from other computers. This will create a shortcut to the ThinApp EXE (pointing to the network share) on the computer where it is registered.


          3. If you want to deployThinApp to one computer, just copy the EXE and DAT and register using ThinReg.exe.


          ThinApp registration will help to extract any file extensions, adding entry in 'Programs and Features', creating shortcuts etc. 

          As always, please backup the complete ThinApp project files that is required if you want to make any changes to the ThinApp (For example, generate MSI).